Year 1 – 2015

The first and inaugural workshop session will entail an in depth focus on field research, by spending time in Makkah, studying the city participating in local rituals and engaging with local residents, artisans, tradesmen and pilgrims and documenting findings via drawings, photography, film and collecting artifacts and compiling a unit wide journal of writing reflections and findings.

Simultaneously students will work on producing a plan of the sacred city, and based on the field research and engaging with the locals, the section lines will be cast at the most deemed interesting points and moments in Makkah. The blueprints for the section will thus be cast, and the outlines of the section are drawn and filled. Individually or in groups, students will also be asked to produce an image representative of their projected image of Makkah, which will then be incorporated into the section.

Year 2 – 2016 

Building on the findings collected in the first year, students will continue in the spirit of being explorers by conducting their own site and field research but fed and aided by research previously gathered which will help fine tune ambitions on what to collect and gather. Consequently by making good use of previous findings, students will take the opportunity to research alternative aspects not previously gathered to generate a more holistic collection of research material.

The section outlines drawn in the first year will be used as a back drop for students to further detail and develop and project onto the city its anticipated image and future. Students will produce an alternative section but will be urged to consolidate and consider the section and images presented by first year students.

Year 3 – 2017

The third year will build on the findings of the two previous years. The third section of Makkah will be presented along the first two sections, and the total collective of findings through the three-year course will be exhbited.