Participants will collectively work to record and represent both the visible and invisible landscapes of the city and to explore the everyday life of the inhabitants and the pilgrims. Building on the sections cast in our first year, and models created in our second year, we set a challenge to project a proposal casting an alternative reading of the city, casting a critical reading of its present, acknowledging its past and projecting into its future.
The workshop features a rare opportunity to enjoy unparalleled access into restricted never seen before sites of Makkah, and to participate with local artists, architects and professionals across many disciplines in the Gulf’s first global architectural workshop focussing on Makkah.

In its fourth year, the Jeddah Visiting School will continue to expand its rich archive on Makkah, uncovering uncharted territories of exploration of the city that lies beyond the Holy Mosque.

Lectures and roundtable discussions with leading figures from local authorities, architects, planners and designers will also be held as part of the visiting school’s overall agenda of discussing and raising the question of the future of Makkah.